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Red the Steakhouse

August 23, 2009

Florida is an amazing place. It has nice weather, nice people, a relaxed atmosphere. Unfortunately, it’s so relaxed that customer service and food can be affected.

My friend came down from Philadelphia to visit me, so we decided to check out Red the Steakhouse in South Beach (119 Washington Ave). We had dinner reservations for 9:00 PM.

My buddy and I arrived at 8:45 PM and were greeted by very beautiful hostesses. They told us that it would be ready in a couple of minutes. After waiting half an hour, we were seated in the corner of the restaurant.

My friend received a menu, however it took them another 10 minutes before I received mine. Our first waitress came to ask us if we wanted water or not. She never came back. Another waitress got our order 10 minutes later.

We waited 20 minutes before the sommelier told us that the wine we ordered was not available. At this point, our appetizer, JB’s Steak Tartare, arrived. There’s only one way to describe the taste of the tartare; it tasted exactly like a Whopper from Burger King.

Our wine came a little bit later, however we did not have wine glasses therefore it took another 15 minutes to get our wine.

After waiting another hour, we did not receive our first course from the Miami Spice menu nor did we have anyone refill our wine. For an establishment that charges this much, customer service should go hand in hand with the food, in which neither did.

At this point, we wanted to leave and asked for the check without the food that we did not receive. Yet again, they were able to get that request wrong and gave us a check for the whole amount. We were able to catch the manager and explained the situation. He removed the steak tartare and gave us the check for the bottle.

Overall, food was terrible and the service was horrible. It was a waste of time that could have been used some where else.

JB's Steak Tartare

JB's Steak Tartare

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