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Creek 28

October 22, 2009

Creek 28 (2727 Indian Creek Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33140) is a quiet, beautiful restaurant located inside the Indian Creek Hotel. They have a beautiful courtyard that gives one a serene feeling in the crazy Miami Beach atmosphere. On those hot Miami days, the restaurant has soothing fans to blow away the sweat.

As we were seated, we were started off with drinks and sliced baguettes with simple olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette. We started off with the duck confit, which was cooked nicely. The duck was succulent and complimented well with the salad that was under it. The grouper that I ordered for entrée “ran” out, so I ended up with the snapper. We also ordered the skirt steak. The snapper was again cooked very well. It was not dried out, but not too slimy. The skirt steak was cooked well complemented by yellow raisins.

Miami Beach is known for terrible service, however our waiter was very attentive and amazingly detailed.

Although, the only annoying thing maybe the cats that our roaming around, for a quiet night, this place was a good place to go.

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