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Yuga Restaurant

November 3, 2009

I am normally against any sort of pan-Asian/fusion restaurants, especially anything to do with sushi. However, Yuga Restaurant (357 Alcazar Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134) has changed my views for that one time. It is a nice cozy family restaurant located in the upscale Coral Gables area. It brings the cuisines of the Far East and Southeastern Asian areas from Miso Ramen to Korean Short Ribs to Red Curry.


We started off with the Sashimi Tasting, Ehringe, Blue Island, Negi-tekka roll and a Natto roll. The Negi-tekka and Natto roll were surprisingly rolled very well and more surprisingly, it was very fresh. Any place that has natto is a very legit restaurant. The Blue Island is crab, avocado, and masago rolled around a thin sliced cucumber with light vinegar sauce. There was a bit too much vinegar, but well rolled. The Ehringe appetizer was amazing. It consisted of royal trumpet mushrooms with stir fried bacon from Benton Meats in Tennessee. The flavoring was perfect and the bacon complemented very well with the mushrooms. The crown jewel of our starter was the Sashimi Tasting. It consisted of 3 different plates, a local white fish marinated in an ume-plum sauce, tuna tossed with a spicy sauce and fresh herbs, tropical ceviche with fresh pineapple and lychee fruit. All three plates had its own distinct flavors that all complemented well with each other.


After eating a ridiculous amount of appetizers, we ended up ordering the Garlic Beef Tataki. It was a seared skirt steak served over spinach and ponzu sauce. The meat was well marinated and tasted amazing.


Overall, this restaurant is located in a very nice area, while the prices are also very affordable. The food was very good and would love to go back again for more.

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