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Sleepless Night 2009

November 18, 2009

On November 7, 2009, the city of Miami Beach put on a spectacular smorgasbord of cultural events. 2 years ago, when they first threw this event, they did it on Daylight Saving day, so it was from 6PM to 6AM with 13 hours of culture. However, this year it started at 6PM and ended at 7AM the next morning. Those who were prepared were able to schedule a couple of definite must see events during the course of the night.

We were able to catch the act, “The Tweaksters” at the Colony Theatre at 6 PM. By far, a very entertaining duo who are part acrobats, part athletes, part jugglers, and part dancers; it was a very personal Cirque du Soleil kind of an act. Apart from sword swallowing, they probably did every other acrobatic act. It was definitely an one hour act I would have paid for and was glad to see it for free.

After the show, we heard that the Bass Museum of Art was doing a couple of recitals from up and coming classical musicians. As we walked towards that direction, we stopped at the Red Bull “Art Can” exhibition and received a grandiose amount of Red Bulls, Red Bull Sugarfree, and Red Bull Colas.

The Bass Museum of Art had free entrance and had recitals all night long. We were fortunate to catch a piano recital on Chopin. Prior to the start of the show, they filmed a movie, where the character walked backwards and spoke backwards.

We left midway of the concert and walked over to the Convention Center to see Ray Lee’s “Siren” performance/installations. It was a very interesting and strange performance in which I am glad that I went but will probably never go again. The show combines theatre, light, and sound that screws with your visual and aural perception.

There were free shuttle buses all night long to take people from one place to another.

We attempted to catch the runway show at Nikki beach, but missed it by a couple of minutes. Having not dressed up to go to the club, we were quickly denied access to Club Nikki, so we headed towards Plunge at the Gansevoort Hotel. Plunge is their rooftop bar. They were giving out complementary dirty Bustelos and Patron shots, which they quickly ran out of.

Due to Hurricane Ida and her crazy winds, the second acrobatic show at the Ocean Drive Main Stage was unfortunately canceled. At this point, we were all tired and headed back home.

Sleepless Night is a wonderful event, where one can sample the culture in a pseudo-cultured city. Hopefully, they’ll have enough funding for next year!


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