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November 25, 2009

This new hamburger place, located right on the waterfront of Bayside (401 Biscayne, unit 116B, Miami, FL) is supposedly made of “organic”, never frozen foods. The menu is overwhelming, especially with no assistance from the sales clerk. Basically, after thinking about it, you can order 5 different types of burgers, add as many toppings as you want (for a price of course), and 3 types of bread, and then other sides such as fries.

I got their standard combo meal which included a 1/4 pound hamburger, french fries, and a drink for $7.99. There was an additional charge of 75 cents for 1 of 5 choices of cheese. The hamburger itself is standard at best with the only positive thing being the bread. Their could have been more to the hamburger if there were more toppings except to add one topping would have been at least an extra 49 cents. The most expensive topping was $1.49.

What made everything turn to the worst was the service. As I was being rushed to order a burger (since there were 10 people behind me, as clueless but ambitious to order.), I missed the whole dressing part. They have something called the special sauce. When I received my burger, I requested the sauce on the side. All I received was a plain ‘No’, and the lady walked back and went back to her cooking.

I’d skip this place and head to Five Guys Burger. The toppings are free, fries are phenomenal, and the service is great.

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