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NCL’s Norwegian Sky

November 25, 2009

I’ve been on many cruises. I’ve seen the eastern Caribbean, southern Caribbean, and the west Caribbean. This was the first time I’ve been on a cruise ever since I have lived in Miami. So I took off on Friday at noon and jumped onto the Norwegian Sky, a cruise ship owned by the Norwegian Cruise Line company.

Surprisingly enough, according to a friend, the boat is an upgrade from Carnival or Royal Caribbean cruise lines. Unfortunately, as usual, everything was geared towards tourists and Middle America. The most unexpected thing was the food. Buffet food is usually random, but this ship had very decent buffet food. They also had a ‘eat whenever you want plan’, so unlike other cruise ships where you have a set time to have dinner; in this boat, you can head to eat whenever you wanted. They also had a French restaurant, an Italian restaurant, and a steakhouse as well for a “cover” charge. Lunch and dinner at the regular dining room was excellent. Unfortunately, we were on a 3 day cruise, so we did not think it was necessary to pay the “cover” charge for the other dining areas.

We spent a lot of time at their Martini bar, which had 2 for 1 special from 6-8 PM. It was a good way to pregame before dinner, a show, or the casino. We even ordered Alaskan king crabs from the steakhouse on one of the nights and sipped on Martinis to the point we did not know if it was the boat shaking or us drunk.

We stopped by at Nassau (in which I will write a separate post on) and was scheduled to stop by at the NCL’s private island, Great Stirrup Cay, however that was canceled due to enormous waves. We managed to stop by at one of the entertainment shows and it was nothing extraordinary. The host threw some cheap easy-to-laugh jokes and that was about it. Maybe, if I get a little fatter, I’ll understand it more.

The boat reached shore early Monday and we headed straight back to work.

The cruise was a good getaway, however it would have been nice, if it was longer, and if we brought friends our age.

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