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Hakkasan at Fountainbleau Miami Beach

December 1, 2009

I will admit that I have been giving pretty bad reviews on restaurants in Miami. Hakkasan (4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL) completely changed my mind. To top off the last comment, the restaurant is fusionesque Chinese food.

The original Michelin starred Hakkasan is located on the other side of pond in the West End of London. This Hakkasan was recently opened in June of 2009. Located in the infamous Fountainbleau, one must take an elevator up to the fourth floor, where they are greeted by an amazing, seductively lighted ambient dining area.

Our dinner started off with 3 amazing appetizers; the Dim Sum platter ($24), the Crispy Duck salad ($22), and the Roasted mango duck with lemon sauce ($18). The Dim Sum platter came with four duos of shumai; scallop dumpling, shrimp with minced vegetables, shrimp with chives, and a vegetable shumai. The platter was superbly cooked, not too dry or undercooked. The Crispy Duck salad came on a bed of frisee accompanied with a crab cake like amount of pulled duck. The combination of the two needed no sort of dressing and tasted perfectly when eaten together. The Roasted mango duck with lemon sauce came in alternating slices of mango and duck surrounded by a light lemon sauce. The duck was seasoned well, the mango was fresh, and the lemon sauce ‘hit the spot’ and brought out the richness of the duck.

Our main entrees came soon after; the Stir Fry XO prawn with pineapple ($30), stir fry scallop with lilly bulb and yellow chive ($36) and black pepper rib-eye beef ($38). The Stir Fry XO prawn with pineapple came with a hollowed out slice pineapple and the prawns were inserted within the hollowed area. The presentation was spectacular as was the flavor. The stir fry scallop with lilly bulb and yellow chives came with a similar sauce to the prawns, however instead of the prawns, it came with scallops the size of an Olympic medal. The black pepper rib-eye beef came with a succulent sauce placed in the ‘bird’s nest’. The beef was superbly tender and complemented well with the wine we ordered.

The food was excellent and I was highly surprised when my friend invited me to go to the restaurant. Although most likely not Michelin starred, it will probably be one of the closest things to a Michelin-starred restaurant.

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