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Little Branch

December 3, 2009

A week before going back to NYC, I was talking to a friend. I asked him, “What’s the hip thing to do now in NYC?” He tells me, “It’s these speakeasy bars. Bars in hiding.” Well, that’s exactly what Little Branch (20 Seventh Ave. South, New York, NY 10011) is. It is located on the corner with a small sign that says Little Branch on the door. If there wasn’t a door guy or a line, I would have never seen it.

We went down the stairs to a nice dim area. The crowd followed old school rules of behaving correctly and not being too loud. The bartenders were wearing suspenders. They have a piano there, not being used at the time I was there. Any kind of drink you want, they have. We started off with some absinthe mojito or another, and finished off with another absinthe mixed drink.

Note to self, not a really good place for a party of more than 6, but otherwise, I’d come back here over and over.

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