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Kon Chau

January 12, 2010

Congee with Beef

I have always said finding authentic Asian food in Miami is difficult. If you read the Yelp’s and the Urbanspoon’s review on the place I am about to talk about, you’ll probably get reviews about how bad the décor is. Then they’ll probably add on to the fact that if the décor is terrible, then the food must be terrible.

Fried Shrimp Taro Cakes

Well Kon Chau (8376 Bird Road Miami, FL 33155) has one of the best dim sum places with reasonable prices in the South Florida area. Their method of delivery is a little unorthodox for dim sum (no carts, you order them, they come), but the food is delicious. They also have noodle soups with the usual toppings of wonton, roast duck, or roast pork. I definitely recommend their fried shrimp taro cake; it’s crunchy and has a mild spicy after taste.

Basically, this place doesn’t have the superficial flash, but it’s got the great authenticity of dim sum.

Shrimp Roll

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