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January 18, 2010

If PF Chang’s and Miss Yip ever got together and had one hot, sweaty night, nine months later, they would have WokTown. Located a block away from the famous Bank of America building in downtown, it is one of the few new restaurants that have popped up in the area. The décor is comparable to a Pei Wei or another upscale fast food restaurant.

Basically, this restaurant gives you the choices of appetizers, healthy picks, noodles, rice, or a wok dish. Their spring rolls ($2.95 for 2) were standard, nothing much to talk about. I’ve had both their noodle soups, the wonton noodle soup and the pork dumpling noodle soup (both $8.95) The wonton noodle soup includes (obviously) shrimp wontons, thin rice noodles, bok choi, and scallions. Surprisingly, shrimp wontons are made seasoned very well. Unlike other Asian restaurants, the wonton wraps are thin and very authentic. The pork dumpling noodle soup includes the same things as the wonton noodle soup but has pork dumplings instead of shrimp wontons.

Tea was self served, however there was no charge for it.

A plus, go during lunch, where you can get the following, healthy choice/rice/noodle/or a wok entrée + asian coleslaw/soup/or a vegetable spring roll for $9.95. Service was fast and well mannered.

As one of the only Asian fusion (sorry, Chinese places do not serve edamame) food restaurants in the downtown area, I have to admit, it is not a bad place at all. They have delivery, they are health conscious, and the portions are just right.

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