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King Kone

January 21, 2010

There is a new Asian restaurant all based on the classic temaki handroll called King Kone (1570 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139). The temaki (looks like a seaweed waffle cone) is a standard sushi concept that has been around as long as sushi has lasted, however this restaurant tweaks it a little by adding the standard fusion flavors in order to entice the SoBe customers. Through the grapevines, I heard that these sorts of restaurants are a huge hit in Brazil, so the concept was ‘imported’ here.

The place is small, but the décor is sleek. The service is good as they immediately provide you with a regular menu and another giant size menu for the blind that is located at the doorway. They have many sizes of cones to choose from; the mini, which is to sample the different ‘toppings/ingredients’, the medium, and the large. There is also a desert menu there as well. Prices range from $3-$12 per cone.

I ordered the salmon cone. The salmon was fresh as any standard sushi place you would go to, but they had one thing that won me over, and I’ve verified it with another Japanese person. Their rice is amazingly seasoned and has the perfect rice texture. The big difference about their handrolls and a traditional sushi place is that King Kone’s medium handrolls are gigantic.

For a SoBe fusion restaurant, I recommend this place. Again, the rice is well-seasoned, the cones are made quick and well made.


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