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Betsy the Big Lobster

February 3, 2010

I really do not know how to explain some things. My ‘job’ on this blog is to enlighten everyone with the best or most interesting places to eat and see. This brings me to the next post…

It’s a beautiful, sunny, breezy day and my girlfriend and I are driving down US 1 going towards Key West. Unbelievably, there are no cars on either sides of the road, and every restaurant is closed. To make things a little stranger, at exactly mile marker 86.7, on the right hand side, in front of the Rain Barrel Artist Village, out comes a huge lobster. I mean, this spiny tail lobster is huge. Of course, we had to stop, check this crustacean out, and get a photo op with it. I found out later, her name is Betsy, and she is 35 feet long and 25 feet high. She used to be on sale, but someone bought her, repaired her, and now she is there.

Oh, I forgot to mention, there were really no cars out, everything was closed, and it was not a dream. It was Christmas.

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