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Luna Cafe

February 5, 2010

Fresh made mozzarella

What can I say about Luna Café (4770 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, FL 33137)? It’s simple and refined. It takes everything back to the basics and more. The place reminds me of the Italian restaurants I used to eat when I lived in New Jersey. The entire staff is friendly and well mannered (even the valet person was well mannered.)

Everyone starts off with amazing bread with their house made bruschetta as a complimentary item. We ordered two appetizers, the eggplant parmigian and their fresh made mozzarella cheese with prosciutto. The eggplant parmigian had a distinct flavor coming from their tomato sauce. Simply wonderful. We were amazed, when the waiter came out and actually mixed the mozzarella cheese, milk, hot water together and made the mozzarella in front of us. The cheese was amazing smooth and had the texture of silk. I definitely recommend this.

Our entrée consisted of the Parpadelle Mare e Monti and Farfalle al Salmone. The parpadelle included chopped shrimp, mixed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and their tomato sauce. The pasta was cooked to perfection. The farfalle was tossed with smoked salmon and peas in a light cream sauce with a small addition of tomato sauce. Again, another very good dish.

Overall, this place is somewhere I would go at least once a week. The food is incredible good, the price is affordable, and the service is great. A rare conclusion in Miami.

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  1. Alina permalink
    February 5, 2010 5:07 pm

    fresh mozzarella is my OBSESSION (cue 80s dance music) I actually had this same thing for dinner at Sosta last night. Thanks sooo much for sharing this place, I have to go try that freshly made stuff 🙂

    • Hiroki permalink*
      February 8, 2010 4:52 pm

      I am now obsessed with fresh mozzarella as well because of the place!

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