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Jungle Island

February 15, 2010

Right in between mainland Miami and South Beach, on Watson Island, is an interactive animal theme park called Jungle Island (1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, FL 33132) formerly known as Parrot Jungle and Parrot Jungle Island.

We were lucky to get a package deal of 2 admissions and the time to play with their penguins for 30 minutes for $75. The park can be done in less than 2 hours and has a couple of ‘shows’. They have parrots that one can feed all around the park. I would suggest going there just to get a glimpse of the liger. You can also feed goats, llamas, and cows as well, although the goats will eat anything (even your clothes).

Playing with the penguins was interesting. They all have their own characteristics; some like to play with you, some were more active, and some would also nip at you for trying to touch them. Unfortunately, there was not much to do, except to make them chase a piece of rope, to feed them fish, or get nipped by them. If it wasn’t for the package, I would have never bought the tour.

Unfortunately, this place is ridiculously expensive. In order to park, it’s automatically $7. For regular admission, it is $29.95 plus tax per person. In order to play with the penguins, it is another $30 per person. If the price was cheaper, I would suggest this place, but it’s unfortunately too expensive for the time that it takes to see the whole park.

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