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Democratic Republic of Beers

March 3, 2010

Since I refuse to utilize certain, overused words when I describe a location, I’m going to try to explain this ‘concealed’ ‘cut and polished precious stone’ in a different way. The Democratic Republic of Beer (255 Northeast 14th Street, Miami, FL 33132) is a great new addition to the Arsht Center area. With over 400 beers at this beer garden, one can try multiple types of common to rare beers at this bar. Fear not, wine drinkers, they also do have wines as well.

In order to promote the different nationalities of beer and drinking for fun, they have their own DRB passport program. Basically, one gets rewarded for drinking different types of beers. By drinking at least one beer from every country on their list (which by the way is no easy task), will grant you a $25 tab. They have multiple other types of ‘badges’ with different rewards, but I’ll let you go over there and find out more. So far, I only have Japan and Argentina under my belt.

They also have a pretty clever food menu. They have all sorts of different types of foods ranging from Asian to Italian and they mark this next to the food. I had the mozzarella sticks (nothing to really say about them. You can’t really mess up on mozzarella sticks).

Those worried about the prices of beer, fear not they range from $2 (PBR) to $50 (some crazy stuff). However, the standard prices for a beer was $3-$4.

So, if you feel like traveling or sampling the world, you can sit yourself at a bar and do it one beer at a time at the DRB.

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