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ECCO Pizzateca

March 22, 2010

Last Friday, I wanted to eat somewhere that had a TV, so I could watch the college basketball games during March Madness. Unfortunately, I couldn’t head out to Tobacco Road (sitting there makes you want to drink) or head to Hooters (I was just there and it also makes you want to drink). So I went to ECCO Pizzateca (168 SE 1st St, Miami, FL), as they had TVs. The place has a pretty nice décor, making you feel like you are walking into another pretentious, Miami restaurant.

Sitting at their granite bar, I ordered myself their rigatoni al forno ($9), which consisted of rigatoni pasta with Bolognese (meat) sauce and mozzarella cheese baked in their brick oven. The food itself was bland and boring. There was nothing that excited me.

While waiting and eating my food, suddenly a drunken, female mime-esque show started. She went around from table to table acting as a very annoying mime trying to get attention. It was very intrusive and was not amusing at all (really, not trying to hate) as I was trying to watch basketball and eat my food.

Surprisingly enough, the health inspector was there also. (Maybe, the mime show was all part of the plan)

The service here is awful. I felt as if I was unwanted. The food was bland and I left unsatisfied.

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