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David’s Cafe

April 5, 2010

Cheap places to eat in South Beach are hard to find. If it’s 4 am, you just got out of the club and you are hungry, head to David’s Café (1654 Meridian Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139). David’s Café is a Cuban café and restaurant right off the expensive Lincoln Road. I usually come here to get one of the following sandwiches, Media Noche, Cuban sandwich, or a Pan con Bistec. Media noches are similar to Cuban sandwiches except that it is on a sweeter, egg-like bread, instead of the standard Cuban bread. At 4 am, I love this place.

You can also pick up coladas and café con leches on the fly through their to go windows as well.

Opened 24 hours and at $6-12 for food, this is a cheap must stop drunk food after a drunken binge on the beach.

There is also another location Collins, but I suggest going to the Meridian one.


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