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Ultra Music Festival: Advices and Tips

April 7, 2010

There are some things in life that needs to be done at least once, maybe twice, maybe three times. Attending the Ultra Music Festival is one of those things. (I’ve attended 3 times) Ultra Music Festival is a 2 day outdoor electronic music festival held in Miami during the week of the Winter Music Conference. It is such a popular event, that it has sold out in the last 3 years. There are 2 main stages and about 10-11 specialized electronic music (drum and bass, breakbeats, etc.)

Instead of me ranting about Ultra, I’m going to give you some pointers for next year (rumors are that it may be 3 days long this time)

  1. Once you’re in, you’re in. So do/smuggle everything the first time around.
  2. Wear sneakers, do not wear flip flops, if it rains, it gets muddy, and well you know the rest.
  3. T-shirt and shorts are fine, you don’t have to dress up, unless you’re dressing up Halloween style. I promise you, you will see and meet characters
  4. If it’s sunny, bring sunblock, it is an outdoor event after all.
  5. Be ready to buy $5 water, unfortunately, you will be forced to buy this as you should be hydrated, especially if you are on other things…
  6. Beer and liquor is available, but have you Benjamin Franklin’s available.
  7. Go to the ATM before hand, or you’ll get jacked by their ATM in crazy fees.
  8. Don’t bring a bag, if you can’t carry it or smuggle it in, then don’t bring it in. You’re going to lose everything anyway.
  9. Chill out in the back, you’ll have better access to all the great music from different stages. Getting into the middle of the crowd is cool, for like 3 seconds, then you’ll have to spend time leaving to go to the bathroom, other music, and of course alcohol.
  10. If Rabbit in the Moon is playing, go see them. I don’t care if Tiesto, PVD, or <insert super popped out DJ of your choice> is playing at the same time, you shall not miss Rabbit.
  11. VIP is hit or miss. Mostly misses. You want VIP, spend it at LIV.
  12. Carl Cox tent is always good.

Enjoy and also go to the  drum and bass tent when you are there. The crowd is the rowdiest yet the nicest.

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