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2010 Whiskey Tastings

April 22, 2010

Somehow I was invited to couple of whisky tastings. In best to worst order, I will do a quick review.

  1. MacCallan – Not my favorite whisky, but definitely the most educational and the best brand ambassador. He wore the standard Scottish outfit which made it amazing. In addition, he had the best quote, “The specific amount of a dram is measured by the generosity of the pourer.”
  2. Johnnie Walker – My favorite whisky, great, fun presentation. Did not really change much from the tasting I went to 2 years ago, except that they had an amazing introductory movie with Robert Carlyle
  3. Dewar’s – Food was good, the brand ambassador looked and sounded like a douche. They had a very different style of involving us, which included mixing five different flavors of whisky in order to force you to make an awful tasting whisky.
  4. Balvenie – I wouldn’t even call this a whisky tasting, more like whisky drinking. Food was amazing, (after all, it was at Sra. Martinez). It felt more like an open bar event then a whisky tasting.

Anyway, back to my whisky drinking, slàinte mhath.

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