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Chef Allen’s Seafood Grill of Aventura

May 17, 2010

I had the recent pleasure of trying a South Floridian seafood staple. I have heard a lot of great things about Chef Allen’s Seafood Grill of Aventura, and I expected to taste great food. I realized that restaurants such as these usually have great appetizers and poor entrees. Surprisingly enough, it was the other way around this time.

We started off with the Snapper Tiradito ($6) and the Catalan White Anchovy ($5). The Snapper Tiradito consisted of slices of raw snapper topped off with cilantro, lime juice, and yuzu with a speckle of Sriracha sauce on the side. I was not very impressed with the dish. For a specialized seafood eatery, one would think that the tiradito would be sliced cleanly. The pieces were in fact in many uneven shapes. The Catalan White Anchovy consisted of a piece of white anchovy on a small toasted breadstick sprinkled with parsley and lemon. A simple yet wonderful dish; they did a great job taking out the fishiness of the anchovies.

Our entrees were their Surf & Turf ($26) and the daily special of Sturgeon ($29). Their Surf & Turf included wood grilled scallops and braised beef short ribs with sweet potato/Serrano ham hash. The scallops were perfectly cooked and the braised beef short ribs had an incredible marinade. To top it off, the sweet potato and Serrano ham hash had a distinctive taste that complemented the scallops and short ribs. The sturgeon was perfectly cooked (not dry and overcooked, and not slimy and undercooked). It included a white bean, tomato stew with bacon that worked very well with the fish.

I would definitely come here again and try different appetizer and entrees. They also have different types of prix fix menus depending on the holiday or month, so I would come and try those.

H Rates it: A-

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