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Bubbles ‘N Ice

May 18, 2010

According to Wikipedia, ‘Bubble tea is a sweetly flavored tea beverage invented in Taiwan.’ In addition to the numerous flavors, they also contain pearl balls (or tapioca balls or Bobas). I used to drink a lot of this when I lived in the NY/NJ area. Florida does not have anything like this (although, they did have Lollicup, but I believe they closed due to the lack of business). Miami may not have it as it does not have a huge Asian population.

Either way, that really does not matter; what matters is that a new boba shop opened, called Bubbles ‘n Ice (3061 Northeast 163rd Street, North Miami Beach, FL 33160). They specialize in ice cream, Italian ice, and bubble tea. Although, I did not have the chance of trying the ice cream and Italian ice, I tried the bubble tea. They have more than thirty flavors and they are all fat free. They did not have the traditional flavors such as Taro and Green tea, so I tried their Earl Grey Tea Bubble Tea ($4.25).

As I saw them prepare the tea, I predicted correctly that there was something missing from the tea. The tea did not have the thickness or the frothiness of the traditional bubble tea. The bubbles were a little harder than usual as well.

I was able to chat with the two owners and asked them how they knew about bubble tea. It looks like, in Mexico (I am going to assume they are Mexicans), the concept of bubble tea is huge, so they are bringing the concept up to Miami. I wish they spent a little more time researching the product as they could make a killing here. (If you (owners) read this, I can assist you.)

Overall, the bubble tea concept is here but the product has not arrived yet. I will have to come around and try their Italian ice.

My rating: D

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