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Prime 112

May 24, 2010

Do you want to be in the ‘SoBe’ scene? Do you like steaks? Have you been to Peter Luger’s, Capital Grille, Smith & Wollensky’s, Morton’s, and many other steak houses? Well, by far Prime 112 (112 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139) is the best steak house in the South Florida area. Before I even get to the food, let’s start off by trying to get you seated.

No matter what, make a reservation! Even with a reservation, this place is so packed that you will probably end up waiting anywhere from 30-60 minutes. It is so popular; they have a line out of the door at this great steakhouse. Spend your time people watching by having a drink at the bar.

Once you get seated, I suggest ordering a couple of appetizers to share together as a group. My choices are the ‘The Double Wedge’ salad ($17), the Deviled eggs ($18), the Crab cake ($19), and the Kobe beef hot dog ($25). All the dishes are humongous in portion and can feed a huge group. ‘The Double Wedge’ salad includes Iceberg and Butter lettuce, with huge chunks of Applewood Smoked Bacon with a choice of your creamy sauce. What can I say, the chunks of bacon is what makes the salad. Now, I am not a huge fan of deviled eggs, but these deviled eggs come with white truffles and amazing black caviar, which all melts beautifully in the mouth. The jumbo crab cake consists of their sweet corn relish and tartar sauce. It is a nice and hearty crab cake with great distinct flavors. Last but not least, the Kobe beef hot dog, which is about 2 inches in diameter and about a foot and a half long on an incredible toasted bun. Humongous and tasteful, the hot dog is a great dish to share with the group.

Prime 112 is one of the few places on the beach where one can order A5 Kobe Filet at $30 per oz and at a 2 oz minimum. Although that sounds amazing, I personally always get their 20 oz New York strip ($56). I think it has the best marbling and is decent in price. The 48 oz Porterhouse for 2 ($88) is also a good dish to share with more than 2 people. The restaurant gets their lobster from Maine and they are always fresh and amazing. The lobsters start at 1 lb and a half.

What can I say? This place is a great place to bring groups and have a great time. It has never failed me.

My Rating: A+

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