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Iceland – Denmark (Days 7 – 10)

August 10, 2010

Uploaded some pictures on facebook more to come. Befriend me if you want to see them!

Day 7 (8/7/2010): Continued

After getting back from our day trip, we managed to stir ourselves away from Nonnabiti and had Thai food at Krau Thai. We both had the Pad Thai with Shrimp to our satisfaction…

Day 8 (8/8/2010): Morning

Since we had to get the 4:20 bus to the airport, we decided to stay awake throughout the night and head to the wild nightlife of Reykjavik. We met up with our host, Kris and started our night at the Celtic Cross. It soon got crazy…these are the two scenarios I remember the most.

1) 2 Icelandic girls, wearing very short miniskirts are walking down the street with a 750mL bottle of vodka each, drinking and finishing the bottle, putting the bottle in the middle of the street and walking away from it…at 2:30 AM.
2) A 50-year-old bald guy passed the sauce out, being consoled by his girlfriend. When I say passed out, he was passed out on the street next to a car, his head being held up by his girlfriend.

On our flight to Copenhagen, we were UPGRADED TO BUSINESS CLASS! Just the thing we needed to pass the sauce out.

Getting to Copenhagen Center City was easy. This was truly a more cosmopolitan city compared to Reykjavik. We learned a couple of more things on the way to our Couchsurfers’ house.

Rule #43.2: Buy a simcard no matter what.

We arrived at our Couchsurfer, Thorston’s house, a well-decorated hybrid of a bachelor pad. After getting ourselves situated, we headed out to check out the city. To our fortune, the city was once again dead due to the weekend and it was raining. We ate at a Mediterranean buffet and searched for the fame Christiana, a hippie community with no luck. We ended up heading back home to hang out with Thorston.

Day 9 (8/9/2010):

As Thorston had more guests coming the next couple of days, Wagner and I had to bounce out of the house and look for a place to stay. Instead, we packed our bags, went to the Central Station and dropped checked our bags at storage so we can go looking for food. Picking up the walking city guide, we ventured out into Copenhagen while looking for food. Our journey took us to the famous buildings and architecture of the city and leads us to an incredible sandwich joint. After about 5 miles of walking around the city, we started looking for a place to stay for the night. We were fortunate enough to use (Thanks Justin aka Brack Monkey), and found an amazing 1-bedroom apartment for the next two nights. There’s a YouTube video of it down below. For those that are looking for us, we are on Peter Bangs Vej (Vaj).

Rule #43.3: When replacing minutes on the simcard, buy the replacement for the right simcard company.

We finished the night off by eating Chinese take out, which was pretty good. Getting the Chinese food was an experience, as the lady did not speak English. At some point of the conversation this occurred:

Jason: Are there any grocery stores opened right now?
Woman working at the Chinese restaurant: Buffalo?
Jason: Thank you.

Day 10 (8/10/2010):

Having an apartment for us, we ‘acted’ as locals and played catch up on some of our more important to do list items (stirring the sauce, uploading videos, pictures, etc.)

Jay and I worked out at a track field around noon. His jump rope was almost stolen by 4 little girls and I was yelled at by the custodian for doing pull ups on the goal post.

We went to the Carlsberg Brewery, where they give 2 free beers per person. I got 4, as I was able to convince Jay not to drink.

On our way back, we chose to stop by at the grocery in order to utilize the kitchen we have. Our menu: spaghetti with meat sauce and an arugula salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Hopefully off to Stockholm tomorrow!

Jason, pretending to be me, to the owner of the apartment complex, “Sir, would you like us to meet you at Peter Bangs Vej Station?”

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  1. August 10, 2010 3:39 pm

    which country are you buying your sim card?
    going to use this for the trip?

    • Hiroki permalink*
      August 10, 2010 3:45 pm

      Everywhere….we realized we need sim cards everywhere…any better ideas?

  2. CHRIS permalink
    August 13, 2010 12:06 pm



  3. September 5, 2010 10:52 am

    buffalo…thank you hahaha

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