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How To Buy A Eurail Pass Once You are in Europe

August 12, 2010

As I mentioned before, we devised a plan to save approximately $800, otherwise $400 per person on the Eurail Pass.

To start off, let me explain the Eurail Pass; for our example, we will use the continuous Global Eurail Pass. This gives us the ability to travel in between 21 countries as many times as possible for 3 months continuously. Normally, this would cost about $1600 per person if everyone were traveling together.

Thanks to our laziness, Jay and I did not really discuss if we should get the Eurail Pass or not. In Iceland, we soon discovered that we should get the Eurail pass as we were going to do extensive traveling. Since, we did not buy the pass before hand, we had to figure out where to buy it. It was possible, but very difficult to buy it in certain train stations in Europe but they would be adding a VAT, basically taxes. In most places it is anywhere between 20-25%, which if our calculations are correct it is about $800.

We said, ‘Fuck no, and thought about a creative way to save that money, and we did it. Here are the steps.

1)   Buy the Eurail Pass before you leave for Europe.

2)   If you skipped step 1, then make sure that the country you are in has a UPS or a FedEx.

3)   Order the Eurail pass and have it sent to a friend or family member from whatever country you are from.

4)   Order overnight global shipping (or the fastest to ensure that the package gets there) from UPS/FedEx. We used UPS and it cost us $84. When you buy the shipping, have it sent to whatever country and after your name, write C/O Post Restante. (Money!!!)

5)   When that family member or friend receives the package, have them send it immediately to whatever country you are in via global shipping.

6)   Track and Pray, global shipping usually takes about 2 days.

7)   Get your Eurail pass, validate it, jump on a train and enjoy.

This will indeed cost $84 extra dollars for shipping, but it is definitely a lot better than $400 per person.

Therefore, fuck you VAT. One point good guys.

Random Conversation of the Day:

On a bus in Reykjavik towards a tourist destination after a night at a couchsurfer’s house.

Jason: Hey Hiroki, you ever think our host’s roommate, Athos is going to come in the middle of the night and stab us in the throats?

Hiroki: No that would never cross my mind once.


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