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Denmark – Sweden (Days 10 – 13)

August 13, 2010

Day 11 (8/11/2010):

We made breakfast, scrambled eggs with tomatoes and mushrooms. We got ready and were out of the apartment by 9 AM.

We were still nervous about our Eurail Pass, so we scouted out the post office location then waited until 10 AM, while looking for an UPS truck, so we can question the UPS delivery guy just in case. (Just in case what? I don’t know, but just in case.)

We walked into the building with the post office. We went up to the second floor, as that was the only way possible. There were doors to the left and right; neither opened…the thoughts of ‘what the fuck’ went through both our heads. We looked up to the third floor, and started climbing up the stairs towards it. My heart was beating fast from excitement/nervousness and Jay was sweating bullets.

After what seemed a decade, we got to the third floor. We went to the left door and pulled it. No go, it was locked. We peered in and no one was there, the lights were off. We turned around and tried the right door. We had some difficulties but managed to open it. A Danish man looked at us strangely and immediately asked in English, ‘Can I help you?’

Jay asked, ‘Do you have a package for Hiroki Watarai?’ At this point, I saw a UPS package right behind the man. The man also turned around and picked it up so nonchalantly like he was waiting for us. After showing our ID, he gave it to us and said, ‘Have a nice day.’

We took the package, confused about how easy that was. We opened the package and there it was, our Eurail Pass.

We went to the ticket center and asked for 2 tickets to Stockholm. 108 kronos (~$18) please and received our tickets. Again, we couldn’t believe how easy it was.

Our train ride to Stockholm was uneventful. We landed around 5:36 PM and found our way to our host’s house in Kristineberg.

And yes, we worked out again today!

Day 12 (8/12/2010):

We went into downtown Stockholm today. Once again, similarly to Copenhagen, we walked around the whole city, easily doing about 5-6 miles on foot. We saw the changing of the guards at the Royal Palace in Gamla Stan (Old town). In addition, we walked around the rest of the Gamla Stan then headed up to Ostermalm to eat at the Ostermalm Saluhall. On the way, we saw a sushi place, and since I haven’t had sushi in over 3 weeks, we had to stop by and eat sushi. (Thank god, Jay likes sushi.)

We then headed down to Djurgarden, which is a national park to go to the Vasa Museet. Unfortunately, the line was a good 1/8 of a mile long and we changed our minds.

We ended the day by walking back, reserving tickets to Oslo, grocery shopping and buying Swedish meatballs and Lingonberry jam to cook today. The cooking came out super weird…the pasta ended up having a metallic taste. Failure for home cooking. Try something new next time.

Day 13 (8/13/2010):

Friday the 13th!

Wagner started off the day by going insane and waking up in the morning and to run and do his hulk thing. I stayed asleep until 8:30-8:45. We were out by 9:30.

We went to the Vasamuseet (Vasa Museum), which is the oldest fully preserved warship in the world. We will upload pictures to show this magnificent battleship. If you ever come to Stockholm, I highly suggest this very touristy museum. It is worth the money that is spent.

We also took a 3-hour tour of the archipelagos of Stockholm. It was a very serene boat ride with English audio guide that went through the 30,000 islands of the Stockholm area. It was so peaceful that I fell asleep for a quarter of the time and Jay fell asleep for half the time.

After the nice nap and boat trip, we headed towards the southern island where there was a CS meeting at an all you can eat vegetarian buffet called Herman’s. Although, I was hoping for meats and proteins, I did not complain and ate about 2 and ½ plates; Jay ate like 4 plates.

No one was going out and we were exhausted after 12-13 hours of walking around so we called it a night.

End of night, off to Norway tomorrow!

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