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Moscow – Berlin (Days 27 – 28)

September 1, 2010

Day 27 (8/27/2010):

Kremlin, where all the power lies in Russia; well we headed there around 11 AM. There are 4 different types of tickets, each gives you access to the Kremlin but access to different types of things. Now if you want to just see the Kremlin, I suggest that you buy the exhibition ticket which is 300 rubles. Unfortunately, one must get to the ticket center at a reasonable early time as the exhibition tickets were already sold out when we got there. We had to buy the increased ticket price of 350 rubles, which also gave access to the cathedrals within in the Kremlin.

The security is very similar to Lenin’s mausoleum, however there is a huge difference, you can bring in your camera. So go store your bags, but do not forget to bring your camera! Do not wear shorts or you will be refused entry! (We didn’t do that because we were smuggling food in.)

Our goal was to try to have dinner with Putin, but it seemed as if he was too busy trying to make an oil or gas deal with Azerbaijan that he did not have time for us important unemployed folks. Instead, we walked ourselves to St. Basil’s Cathedral, where we did the very annoying touristy thing and took pictures in front of it.

We were starving (status quo), so we went to the Arbat, which is a Lincoln Road like-pedestrian street with souveniours and restaurants. Although, it is a bit touristy, there are many interesting things there so I recommend it.

Random event:

A guy passed out with his pants down, underwear showing; his whole left side of the face was bloody. I may be going out of my way when I say this, but I think he was drunk.

While having dinner with Alex, Sarah, and Emily, all CSers, Alex and I were drinking this crazy Slovakian drink called Demanokova. It was a combination of Jager and Whisky…awful…awfully good that is.

We all went to see an awesome Russian band with a 3 piece brass band and an accordian. Although, I didn’t know what they were singing about, it was fun as hell.

Day 28 (8/28/2010):

Our host, Alex, drove us to the airport. On the way, we were pulled over by the cops. He was pulled out of the car and went to the passenger side of the car. According to him, they talked about his job as a surgeon, the cop said he was good people, and then let him go. Strange event.

Our flight to Berlin was very boring. We were on GermanWings, which is a low cost aka ghetto airline. We bought a meal voucher which was supposed to include a sandwich. When the flight attendant gave us the ‘sandwiches’ our faces were priceless. The sandwich was a graham cracker with cream cheese on it, and it actually had the words sandwich on it. Fucking A. Of course, we returned those and got a real sandwich for an extra euro each.

Berlin’s public transport is amazing. It’s easy to use (nothing is in Cyrillic), clean, and comes around fast. New York, please upgrade your system…let’s go!

The other couchsurfers, Ralph, Marleen, Ilya, and Greg that were surfing our host, Bruno’s place with us decided to go to a party called the Soul Explosion. Holy shit, this was one of the strangest parties I’ve ever been to. It was filled with white people dancing to black soul music of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Yeah, I think I may pass out talking about this.

Donor kebabs at the end of the night are one of the best things to eat. I forgot how much I missed them until I ate one that night.

I ended up not getting home until 8 AM. We woke up at 11 AM…

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