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Berlin – Prague (Days 29 – 31)

September 3, 2010

Day 29 (8/29/2010):

Rule #32.5A-b: Seriously, if you are going to do extensive traveling, just get the rail pass. It is such a money saver.

We bought our tickets for Prague then did some sight seeing.

Well of course, we had to go to the Brandenburg Gate. It’s probably Berlin’s biggest attraction and the only standing gate in Berlin.

We headed south past the Memorial for the fallen Jewish people in World War II and ironically went to see the remnants of the Fuhrerbunker. It was located on a parking lot with only a sign that stated that it was the remnants of the Fuhrerbunker, nothing more.

We saw remnants of the Berlin Wall near Potsdam Platz. It was filled with gum with a lot of information about the injustices of communism. Wagner actually touched the dried gum…ewww…

Checkpoint Charlie was a very interesting location. It was the one and only official area where the East and West can cross over, so there was a lot of history behind it. There was a huge annoying tourist trap. There were people selling East German visas, in which they would actually ‘stamp’ your passport for a euro. God, talk about a tourist trap.

The East Side Gallery is a one and half-kilometer wall with amazing, amazing art walk, which included murals of all sorts depicting social injustices. It is definitely something that should not be missed when visiting Berlin. I recommend it highly.

We headed to Oranineburger Strauss to check out a couple of places to eat, when we fell upon this community of artists from metal work to graffiti to painting. Words cannot describe the intensity of this place; therefore we will upload a video. We do not even know what the place was called.

Weird event of the night.

Wagner wakes up in the middle of the night holding my hand.

I wake up because Wagner punched me in the face.

My theory: I rejected holding his hand therefore he got mad and hit me.

Day 30 (8/30/2010):

So I woke up today with a severe sore throat. Either way, it doesn’t matter since we are traveling and we need to see it all!!!
Random Conversation of the Day:

Wagner: You have a fever?
HirokI: I don’t know, I don’t think so
Wagner: I have a thermometer but it’s an anal thermometer
Hiroki: Yeah, I don’t have a fever

We actually spent an hour waiting to get into the Reichstag, basically the German version of the American Capitol Hill. The Germans built a glass dome on the top of the building that gives you an amazing view of the city. The free tour also included an audio guide that explained each building in the view and the significance to the German people. It is one of the nicer free things to do.

Sore throat…called out sick from traveling for the rest of the day.

Day 31 (8/31/2010):

We woke up at 7 AM and headed to the Berlin Main Station. On the way there, I lost control of my pack and according to Wagner, I started break dancing and did a reverse turtle. In reality, I sprained my ankle fell on top of my backpack and bounced right back. My ankle was in pretty bad shape.

In the beginning, we did not know that there were a couple of train stations for Prague. We got off at the first station…

To only find out a little later that we were in a complete different location. We were in the northern parts of Prague and had no clue what was going on for about 2 hours.

We stopped by a Mexican restaurant and I ordered Czech Duck with Dumplings. Strange, but still very good. Although, nothing against the Czechs, but I really like French or Chinese duck more.

We somehow met up with our super awesome CS hosts, Milan and Petra, and had dinner with them at another Czech restaurant and headed home.

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