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Important Items During a Backpacking Trip

September 8, 2010

After a month of backpacking and traveling, we have produced a list of items that are very ‘clutch.’ For those of you that need an explanation, the list below (in no order), makes life a little easier during our travels.

  1. Laptop – staying in touch with the world
  2. Sleeping Bags – we have stayed at many places where they have no blankets
  3. Adapters/converters for electronic equipment – obvious
  4. EU Rail Pass – if you want to move around a lot, a must. If you have a question on how to get this rail pass after you travel. Check this out.
  5. A phone with internet and application capabilities – it works as an eBook reader, videogame system, camera, compass (huge!), clock, flashlight
  6. Scrapbook – Let’s make memories. This is our patent. You want to know about it, email us
  7. A portable hard drive – We have a 1 TB hard drive, because even though a picture is worth a thousand words, they take a shitload of fucking memory, which I don’t have much.

I’m sure we are missing things.

Any opinions?

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