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Budapest (Days 39 – 40)

September 19, 2010

Day 39 (9/8/2010):

A trip to Budapest must include a trip to the Castle Hill. We went against the guidebooks and took a metro there then walked up the hill for a nice workout. Up there, there was an amazing view of the rest of the city with twisting alleyways and shops that sell handicrafts. We walked through the rest of the UNESCO-protected area just in time for a wine festival, and then headed back down to go back to center city.

We broke our traditional non-museum rule and went to the Terror Haza (House of Terror), which is located in a building near Heroes’ Square. Both the Nazi and Soviet government to house prisoners used this building in order to get ‘truthful’ confessions. A very interesting and informative museum; I highly recommend anyone who is interested in history to go check out.

Our host, Daniel, suggested that we go to a bathhouse, so we headed to Széchenyi Spa. This is a traditional Hungarian bathhouse, which has both an indoor and outdoor bath. Even though it was cold outside, we opted to go outdoors. It was an interesting scene with old folks relaxing and playing chess right in the middle of the bath.

Day 40 (9/9/2010):

We read that caving was a big activity to do in Budapest, so the host, Jay, and I headed there. What can I say? It was something different, something fun, and something I would like to do again.

It’s been pretty hard for us to actually get bellyaching, American full in the last couple of days. Whenever we ordered food from the restaurants, we would leave hungry, therefore we thought of going to a buffet like good ole’ Americans. We went to Wasabi, which was a conveyer style sushi place, which was all you can eat. This was a 2-story conveyor belt with cold food on the bottom and the hot food on the top. Needless to say, after an hour of voraciously fubaring food, we went back and passed out for four hours.

Daniel took us to this amazing bar, which was an outdoor/indoor bar that reminded me of the Park in NYC and the Pawn Shop in Miami. It must have at least twenty different rooms with places to sit in broken down cars and of course regular bar stools. The music was not too loud so we did not have to scream at each other’s ears in order to speak.

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