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Zagreb – Split – Trogir – Okrug (Days 41 – 44)

September 26, 2010

Day 41 (9/10/2010):

My posts have become a little short and boring. Actually, it is a lot shorter and more boring. After traveling about 40 days, our routine has become somewhat like this whenever we get to a new city. Buy tickets to our next destination, find food, drop off our bags, see the most important tourist site in that city, and then head to our host’s place.

We ate at a Croatian restaurant called Tip Top. I ordered a steak that came with mangolds, which basically are potatoes with spinach like green. I was going to order another side when the waitress told me, that was good enough and I do not need anymore. Anyway, the steak was well cooked and well seasoned. I had no complaints.

Similarly, when we reached Zagreb, we did just that. EOD.

Day 42 (9/11/2010):

Our awesome host, Irena, is involved with hashing (runners with a drinking problem or drinkers with a running problem, still can’t figure it out.) Anyway, she was coordinating her first hash run, and she invited us to it. Basically, she is the hare (trailmaker), and we had to follow her trail that she would leave behind with flour. It ended up being approximately about 10km (6.25 miles) of running. Afterwards, we ate amazing goulash that Irena made and drank beers. It was an interesting and fun social event.

After such an intense ‘workout’, what did we do? We, obviously, had to see the city, and ended up walking around seeing cathedrals and museums. Standard stuff. We went to an Italian restaurant and ordered 5 plates of food to the surprise of our waiter. He actually asked us if we were sure that we wanted to order that much. Of course, we ate it all as well.

We ended up meeting up with a couple of interesting couchsurfers and had the awesome chance of seeing the nightlife of Zagreb. The music was…interesting…but it was still fun. You know what they say, it’s not what you do, and it’s whom you do it with.

Day 43 (9/12/2010):

We love to do it. We love to wake up at 5 AM and go to our next destination. Well, that’s what we did. It was raining, once again, when we left Zagreb. However, the tide turned on us and it was SUNNY in Split. It was an amazing feeling to look up at the sky. It was clear and blue as the Adriatic Sea, which we could see as well.

From Split, we took a 30 minute bus to Trogir, which is a small town situated in between an island and the mainland. Beautiful, quaint and small, we didn’t know it was going to get more isolated than that.

We took another bus to Okrug, which is another 15-minute ride. We were dropped off in a village filled with villas and summer home. The closest beach was 2 minutes away from where we were accommodated. The first thing we did was jump right into the beach. We were officially on vacation from vacation.

We had a small kitchen, so we attempted to cook food. After buying all the essentials, chicken, pasta, and vegetables, we realized that we did not have salt, pepper, or oil. Anyway, we still worked with what we had. We boiled the chicken and the vegetables, mixed it all with pasta, and added additional flavor with pasta sauce.

Random conversation after dinner:

Me: Dude, it smells like something got burned.

Wagner: Yeah, the pan got destroyed when we tried to cook chicken without oil.

Me: Oh, right.

We ended up heading to the beach again at night. I jumped into it…bad idea, it was freezing.

Day 44 (9/13/2010):

We took the day to explore Trogir. Trogir is a quaint, small town that can be seen in basically 30 minutes. After getting here, we stopped by to eat. I ordered the Dalmatian Ham, which is similar to Italian Prosciutto, but a little more cured and tastier. For the main dish, I ordered a Grilled Sea Wolf, which is basically some sort of grilled white fish. It was well cooked and not dry at all.

Random event:

For some mental reason, I thought climbing the light pole was a good idea, as I jumped down from the pole, my shorts got caught on the side of it, and it ripped in half from the groin seam down. Later on during the day, my glasses randomly just broke, as I was BBC news. Also, during the day, Wagner slipped on some algae and fell into the water back first. All I saw were all 4 of his limbs waving in the air as the sea sucked him in. The west coast of Croatia really fucked us up.

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