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Croatia: Okrug-Trogir-Rijeka (Days 45-50)

September 27, 2010

Day 45 (9/14/2010):

We left our nice, quaint villa in Okrug, and headed back to Trogir, we managed to find an amazing villa right in the heart of town.  It was great to just relax and get working Internet again.   Also Hiroki got a haircut from the local hair saloon.  I offered to give him a fresh tight fade, but he said he didn’t want a fucking bald head.  The rest of the day was just chillin in the sun on a beautiful island.   Side note for  dinner that night we had the best octopus salad ever!!

Day 46 (9/15/2010):

Since we had good internet and no host to wake up I decided to stay up all night talking on the phone.  While I slept during the morning Hiroki took a nice relaxing stroll around town.  I ventured out later in the afternoon.  All I can say about this day is beautiful exotic islands are very peaceful.

Day 47 (9/16/2010):

We headed out to Split in the morning.  We took a 3 hour hike to the top of the city.   It was the highest spot in all of Split so of course it had breath-taking aerial views along with 400 steps.  It was a very tranquil trip up to the top because it was off the beaten path and therefore was not bombarded with tourist.  We considered that our leg and cardio workout for the day.  At night we boarded a ferry headed to Rijeka.   We opted to buy the tickets with no private captain for two reasons:  the tickets were cheaper and it would be a funnier adventure.   The ferry was basically a much smaller version of a cruise ship.   Hiroki used his keen sense of travel and found a spot for us to sleep that was dark and quite.  The only catch was it was located on the floor of the children’s playpen.  It was actually a very fitting spot.  After watching a movie on the computer we got ready for bed.  To our surprise two other traveler’s were in the playpen sleeping all ready.   We had to move some bags around, but found space for all four of us to sleep.  A hilarious moment during the night was Hiroki banged into one of those springy play seats (imagine a bobble head, but with a seat for a head) and it made a funny sound that startled some of the passengers.

Day 48 (9/17/2010):

When we arrived in Rijeka it was raining really hard so it was good we didn’t take my idea of sleeping outside on the 4th floor deck.   We avoided getting soaked because our gracious host picked us up from the arrival dock.   The rain put a huge damper on our plans for the day so we just relaxed in the apartment and watched a movie.  For the first time all trip I actually had a good beef steak that was super tasty and not smothered in sauce.   We wound up playing video games (old school N64 shit) most of the night with the host.

Day 49 (9/18/2010):

The second day in Rijeka was also filled with rain so we took a short walk around town where we saw the major sites and went grocery shopping.  Later on the opportunity finally came to workout in a real gym so of course we were excited.   The host said this was the best gym in town, but when we arrived it was much smaller than I imagined.   Anyway my adrenaline started flowing as soon as we hit the stretching area.  I was home again!  We got right to business with mass compound movements; deadlift, squat, bench press, shoulder press, bent over row, and pull ups.  We finished off with more isolated movements for the shoulders and arms.   We did work for 1.5 hours and by the end of it I had a full sweat bib going on.  The major differences I noticed from an American gym were:

1. Weights were in kilograms not pounds so make sure to multiply by 2.2 and not divide (sorry Hiroki)

2. There were a lot more kettle balls than dumbbells so brush up on your kettle ball exercises before going

We capped off the night by doing crazy loads of laundry because we smelled and there was actually a working dryer!

Day 50 (9/19/2010):

As soon as we woke up, I knew we were in for a long day because we were sore as hell.  I haven’t felt this sore in a very long time.  I mean almost every muscle ached, but it was that good ache that you knew you shredded up some skeletal muscle.   The weather finally cleared up in the afternoon so we decided to grill for dinner.  It was actually really cool because the host’s backyard overlooked a soccer field where a live professional game was going on.  Hiroki manned the charcoal grill, our host stirred the cheese fondue, and I cut the shit out of anything that was in my vicinity.   The meal was perfect.  The meat consisted of marinated pork, lamb, beef, and a sprinkle of ram I think.  The cheese fondue complimented the different assortments of bread perfectly and the roasted red pepper sauce was out of control.   We didn’t get to watch too much of the game, but we did see numerous soccer hooligans shoot off red flares during the match that actually started some small fires around the stadium.

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