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Mexican Delivery in NYC

January 29, 2011

This is another episode on the diverseness to (in my opinion), the greatest city in the world, New York City. I was at my good friend, Dave and his wife’s apartment on the mid-west side of Manhattan. We were all hungry and for some odd reason we were all craving Mexican food. (I was craving it because I’ve been out of the US for about 4 months).

After making our choices, I was voluntold (instead of volunteered) to place the order. I dialed the number and it rang. On the third ring, a voice with a Chinese accent picked up, ‘Thank you for calling <can’t remember the name>, what you order?” I was a bit confused at first and looked at the menu to make sure it was the right number. It was the correct number.

I gave our order and then asked how much. A quick response came, ‘Thirty-fie minutes. Fifty three dolla.” I thought how strange a Mexican place hired a Chinese fellow. (I later found out that it was owned by a Chinese couple.) It became more strange when thirty five minutes later, after a knock on the door and I opened the door, a Caucasian man was holding our order. I reconfirmed the price, and he responded with a stoic, German accent, “Fifty three doe-llars.” I was surprised once again.

Only in New York City, can there be a Chinese owned, Mexican restaurant delivered by a German.

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