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Craziest CS Response…Ever

July 7, 2011

Ok, I don’t know who is ignorant. Maybe me, maybe this guy (who you’re about to read), maybe the Japanese people, but either way it doesn’t matter. This email I received below is from a Couchsurfing member. It is to say the least, very interesting. Obviously, the material hits home, but I am appalled at his lack of grammar and frankly, his response to my request of staying at his couch. I wish he could cite some relevant sources but I believe asking for that might further infuriate him.

It seems to me, based on the many missing letters, lack of apostrophes, and capitalizations, he was so infuriated for the fact that I wanted to go to Japan and couchsurf his house that he exploded with this response. Anyway, here it is, please comment!


Im sorry but
Ileft Nara after the fukushima incident.
I know too much Japanese mindset and lies.
The situation is extremely catastrophic and according to the french and usa experts who went there…the 3 reactors are in melt through, penetretaing the underground of Japan…water ndercurrents will be poluted for th enext 20 000 years, fishes, food and harvests of north japan too…around 100 km fukushima untill tokyo french experts found high levels of radiation on food samples….

Im sorry but Japanese government lied all over the place shamelessly…I strongly recomand you not to go to japan ever again….this island is going down for good. soon you ll see the horribel consequences of the irradiation of all the people aroudn fukushima unless its also hidden by the government and lied to japanese people…

I can tell you for sure that bone and medula cancers, thryoid cancers, deformed kids etc ec will be the common lot of all north japan. the polution is getting wirst each day and they continue to spread water on a melted core enterign underground…its INSANITY
All the foreign experts agree on that…Only CRAZY JAPOS cannot understand that they are SUICIDING THEIR ONW BREED.
They suffer from the self destruction HARAKIRI complex….

therefore my friend….Im not an endoctrinated asleep and sheeplike Japo to stay there being iradiated for the damn japanese pride!

Go if you like….Im out of there since 11 april…I didnt need any news reports to know what woudl happen….I knwo too well Japan governement….and japanese absolute obedience to any lies of the government, I knew they woudl harakiri, sepukku before leaving the island or running for cover…..

Have fun elsewhere in Asia man…you re americans and dotn get a cancer just for fun…..forget about Japan.
By the way a real report, not full of lies, made by brazilian japanese nikkei stated that 38 cities have been wiped out on the coast….38
and some of them were inhabited of 150 000 people, others fo 50 000 others of 20 000 others of 5000

and the news said only 20 000 dead? well the wave probably took away 100 000 thousands minimum….and th eradiation of fukushima since day one, of melted core, like 24 tchernobyl crap around, with thousands of peoepl at 20 km…..





Unfortunately, this is just banter. This person does not provide any solution. He provides simple inconceivable answers to a complex issue. For a person who supposedly lived in Japan, he does not understand the Japanese psyche. Anyway, please comment. I am interested in seeing what people think.

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  1. July 9, 2011 2:52 am

    He didn’t tell you where he went? Maybe you could surf at his new place. I bet he would be happy about that. (And I’m not being sarcastic.)

    • Hiroki permalink*
      July 15, 2011 11:08 pm

      Nah, that’s all he sent me. I guess he wouldn’t mind me surfing at his new place, but then again, I don’t know if I can stay with someone so…opinionated about Japan.

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