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Back to the Motherland

July 14, 2011

After traveling around different countries, living in Beijing for the last 4 months, I finally made it back to Japan. I forgot how orderly and clean my mother country is. When I cross the street, I don’t have to worry about getting hit by a car, the people wait on line, and the public bathrooms are spectacular.  Although, currently, there is the scare of radioactivity, it is not deterring me from enjoying my time here.

I realized in certain situations, my Japanese is awful and at the same time great. I have about a 75% rate of comprehension but am having a difficult time conversing.

The food here is amazing. I can’t get enough of it. Within a week of being here, I gained 3 pounds. (From a healthcare professionals point of view, that is very unhealthy.) There are so many different types of goodness; I don’t have the time to try all of it.

However, there is one thing that really bothers me; the exchange rate between the USD and the Japanese Yen is horrible. Currently it is about 80 cents to 100 yen. A year ago, it was about a dollar to 100 yen. What this means it that if I exchange 250 USD, I only receive 20000 yen; it’s like losing 20 percent!

Anyway, I will do my best in the future blogs to talk about the random places, random experiences, and the random foods that I will do in Japan.

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