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Have You Ever Thought About Eating a Live Donkey?

September 7, 2011

This dish originates from China, supposedly from the northern provinces.

Basically, for this dish, the main ingredient is a donkey…well, a live donkey to be exact. Its legs and head are tied to a pole fixed to the ground. The chefs start cutting off pieces of the meat and serve it to the diners.

Now there is another variation to this in which, the chef pours boiling water on the donkey, cleans out the hair, and then slices the meat off. This becomes more like tartar as the outside is seared and the inside is still uncooked.

Eating donkey in the first place freaks me out. Yes, I have tried it. However, eating donkey sashimi from a still-living animal freaks me out a lot more.  If I eat this, it would definitely top the list of weirdest things I have eaten and I would also receive tons and tons of hate mail from PETA.

If you are interested in more strange foods, check this post out!

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