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Kro’s Nest During Chinese New Year

February 11, 2012

The best time to visit Beijing is during Chinese New Year. There are no people, no lines, and no traffic. Now, the downside of coming around that time is that no stores or restaurants are opened and most likely most tourist places are closed. So through this mess, as a foreigner (外国人), I ended up at a foreign pizza restaurant called Kro’s Nest.
It’s hard for me to like pizza. There are two types of pizzas I like, a nice New York slice, or a margherita pizza from Italy. Kro’s Nest was neither, however they had a nice variety of enormous,

Just because you make the biggest doesn't mean it's the best

exciting pizzas similar to a California Pizza Kitchen, such as the Hawaiian Pizza and BBQ Chicken Pizza. We ended up ordering the Hawaiian Pizza (medium size – RMB 129, which was a ginormous pizza which included pineapple, ham, and onions.) In addition, we ordered an order of Buffalo wings, (RMB 49) but I do not recommend them, as there were only 6 pieces and most importantly, were not well made.
Kro’s Nest does have a great beer selection for a restaurant in Beijing. With a selection of 6 or 7 beers on draft and more than twenty different types of bottles, it’s a great place to try different types of beers.
Service was normal for Beijing…that means it’s substandard and nothing to scream about. The waiters and waitress did however speak some English and had a small amount of extra patience for their customers. Overall, I would suggest going to this place with at least 4 people, before a night out.

A quick note: I have had many people ask me why I write random restaurant reviews. There are a million people and a handful of magazines out there, that write restaurant reviews. The truth is, I think a lot of “those” people write very biased reviews. I also would like to describe an honest non-bs description.

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