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Tips on Sleeping at an Airport on Purpose

October 13, 2012

Back to the sauce, folks. More first time experiences. As the title says, I ended up sleeping at an airport on purpose. I’ve slept at an airport before (I realized, I never wrote about it thought), in Bangkok airport due to visa issues.

Sleep On!!!

This time, I ended up back in Nice again, after spending time with the rich and famous in Monaco. I realized that my hostel I was going to stay overnight at was ridiculously far away and my flight was at six in the morning, therefore the only logical thing to do at this point was to buy some Maximators and head to the airport. With the wonders of the Internet, I found a website called “Sleeping in Airports,” which has great information on where to sleep and what to do at every airport.

Well after 10 PM, the airport died down. I was surprised at how many people started to camp out at the airport. Using the website I mentioned above, I found out where the best place to camp out was and took that spot. (Hint, terminal 1, right under the escalators…handicap seats have no bars separating chairs, so you can lie down. Sorry, handicap folks, I jacked your seats!)

So until about midnight, I spent time utilizing their free Wi-Fi Internet. I dozed off and at some time around 2 AM, I ended up waking up to two very beautiful flight attendants that were providing everyone with a care package that included water, chips, two muffins, and apple juice. These angels saved my starving stomach!

So for those that want to experience something different, have a early morning flight, or just save money, here are some tips of mine.

  1. Bring fun material, whether it’s your computer, books, or a ball to chase afterwards.
  2. Bring food and drinks, I may have gotten lucky, but some of these places close by 10 PM, if you are in a developing country, it may be difficult to get drinking water.
  3. Read the Sleeping in Airports website! They have great information and reviews by travelers for most airports!
  4. If the airport authorities give you a difficult time, just explain your situation to them…and be respectful!

“Failure is not in your vocabulary; rather, you convert all working experiences, be they positive or negative, into fuel for future success.” Anonymous

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