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2012 Recap – ***WARNING*** Humblebraggathon

January 15, 2013

Welcome to 2013! As usual, I will not be doing resolutions, because I know I won’t follow them. Instead, I will be creating results. Results that will come from actions and challenges. Before we get into it, I want to do a quick recap of 2012.

Check my snowbrows!

Check my snowbrows!

January/February (China, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines*):

After a highly disorganized hotel party, Jimmy, Stephan, and I, somehow, manage to slip out of the hotel and have our first meal of the year by having Chinese hot pot.

Must have drank a little too much and went to Harbin to see the Ice and Snow Festival. Highlight of the trip included having the old lady in my train tell me to go buy more clothes.

Attempted to do a three-country tour starting in Taiwan and ending on the beaches of Philippines, however, plans did not work out. When I was at an onsen in Japan, I was afflicted with the flu virus. I was quarantined in Japan for an extra five days, thus missing my flight to the Philippines, the beaches, and the baluts. (Don’t know what that is? Wiki it!)

March (China/USA)

A sense of nostalgia hits me hard as the New Yorker puts Tenafly on their cover.

April (China)

On our way to the top of Taishan in Shandong, Mariana and I realized how strange it is that although Chinese people smoke a lot of cigarettes; they have no problems climbing up mountains.

May (Malaysia)

Somehow convinced immigration to let me leave China and headed to Malaysia (Country #69) to relax at the beaches and eat great food.

June (China)

I end up wearing Frances’ skirt and ran around the park with it.

July (France/Switzerland)

Somehow and fortunately, I end up working with the World Health Organization in Geneva. I make the mistake of living in Voltaire, France and commuted to Geneva. I eat extremely well, but still lost 10 lbs. and was in the best shape of my life.

August (Somewhere in France)

Still at the World Health Organization, but I take every chance to immerse myself. Part of that included sleeping on a beach and in an airport. Got the chance to take a picture with the DG of the WHO (along with like 200 other people).

Ate way too many oranges and started spinning again due to Laura. (Thanks Laura!)

Most importantly, Maximators are discovered!

September (Turkey/Switzerland/USA/China)

I hit country #70. I’m in Istanbul, Turkey. I eat way too many kebabs. My love for motorcycle comes back again as Saim and I ride around Istanbul on our motorcycles.

On the way back to the US, I have a stop over in Switzerland. Slept in the airport…seems like there’s a trend starting.

Back in the US, I eat as many steaks and hamburgers, drink as many craft beers, before heading back to China. I realize that most of my friends are now engaged, married, or have children. I feel like I am going backwards in life!

***Within two days of returning to Beijing, I am hit by a van while going 40 km/hr on my road bicycle. I survive, although I believe I am having hip problems now. My bike, unfortunately, goes through a series of surgery, however recovers.

November (Shenzhen, Hong Kong)

Almost ate dog on the streets of Shenzhen. Somehow, I figured something better to do and got a massage instead.

Team Jersey demolishes everyone in beer pong in Hong Kong. Another nostalgic moment…too many more of these, I may actually shed a tear.

Thanksgiving in Beijing! I was so thankful I shared the turkey on the 2nd ring road as well.

December (Japan)

***On the way to the airport, the taxi I am in breaks down. At 6 AM, in sub freezing weather, I am forced to push the taxi on the side of the highways…in order to try to get the taxi restarted. Epic Fail!

Convinced the Chinese authorities to let me leave their country again. Helped move my grandparents to a new home, in the process discovered my Japanese families’ past. Nostalgic moment #5653453…I’m starting to lose it.

North Koreans claims discovery of unicorns.

My drunken stupor and greed gets the better of me, and I take Frances’ champagne glass. It’s roofied and I black out for 12 hours. Thank god someone was around to take care of me…officially have gone AWOL, bored, and need to search for enlightenment.

Coming up…bored of 2013 already, so what do I do about it?

***Updated after a friend has told me to add these events. I’m sure there will be more to come. In the next three days, there will be a new post for the upcoming Feb. challenge!


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