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Vegan Challenge Week 1 Recap

February 8, 2013

Vegan Week 1

For some odd reason I woke up very early today. I did my usual routine but had a very different breakfast. My usual breakfast consists of eggs, spinach, and miso soup, but this time, it was just lentils with pickled cucumbers and natto. Before even noon time came around, I was struck with a craving for aji sushi.

I did a self-physical

Seriously...y'all haters don't need to hate, because I'm hating on this pyramid.

Seriously…y’all haters don’t need to hate, because I’m hating on this pyramid.

. Here are the results.

Weight – 67.1 kg = 147.6 lbs

Left Leg – 14”

Right Leg – 14.5”

Left Arm – 8.2”

Right Arm – 8.3”

Waist – 23”

I realize that I may not be measuring anything correctly. I blame that on my assistant who is currently on an indefinite leave.

It has been a pretty strange week. I’ve had many cravings throughout this time in which I have posted on my Facebook. More importantly were the responses I received. Here are some random thoughts I had during the week:

The first couple of days were a bit difficult. I started eating quite a lot of beans, which led to being gassy. Sucks for the people around me. (Muhahaha!!!) I have also realized the social consenquences of being a vegan. It is difficult to go out to eat anywhere because, frankly, I don’t want to be that bitch that tells everyone I’m this, I’m that. Therefore, I’ve only really gone out to eat twice during this time. (Typically, I’ll eat at restaurants like 6-8 times a week.)

After speaking with a good friend of mine, she helped me come down to the conclusion that being a vegan is a developed (first world country) diet and for the very poor. In addition, living in China, it is very difficult to explain to someone that I am a vegan. Explaining to them that I do not eat fish or meat is not difficult, however, explaining to them that I do not eat cheese or use mayo has been a challenge. Part of that challenge is that my Chinese level is the level of a three year old native speaker.

Cravings have included New York (Kennedy) Fried Chicken, Sushi, McDonald’s, Sushi, New York Strip Steak, Sushi, and other types of Japanese foods. I guess it also doesn’t help when I keep watching Epic Meal Time, Tasted, and Unique Foods on YouTube while eating my current staple of noodles and spinach.

This may just be a placebo effect, but I feel like I have more energy. That could also be the amount of coffee and tea I have been drinking as well. Things have looked a bit brighter…especially meat and fish.

Well, one week down. Let’s see what else this challenge will bring about.

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