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I want to first thank you for taking the time to take a look at my blog.

This blog is about the random adventures and experiences I have throughout my travels around the world.  Remember, these are my opinions; there are some things that I will talk about which you may like or dislike. If you like them, awesome! If you dislike them, awesome!

Let me start from the beginning…I am not trying to brag. I merely want to show you what I used to do for the sake of comparison.

I have a doctors degree in pharmacy. I quit my pharmacy job after only 3 harrowing years of working. It wasn’t some ordinary job, it paid well. Actually, it paid six figures. Well, I left it to follow my dream.

I used to own an apartment in South Beach. Not just any apartment, but one with a balcony that immediately overlooked an infinity pool, where usually there were topless girls. If you looked further, you had the view of the city of Miami, Star Island, and the port where all the cruise boats leave from.

I used to drive a BMW, used to be VIP at the hottest clubs in Miami. To most people, I have talked to; I lived the life that everyone wants.

Yes, it sounds like the dream life to some, superficial to others, but, nevertheless, I got sick of it all; I quit my job, liquefied all my assets, and made the decision to travel.

Now, I write, more like attempt to write. It pays me nothing. Again, it’s here to help me remember some of my adventures and my thoughts at that time. I eat everything…more than once…even if it kills me. I sleep wherever I can, may it be through friends, couchsurfing, dingy hostels or great hotel deals.

I have been to more than 70 countries.

I have been published on Matador, a global independent website dedicated to travel.

Any questions or comments please email me at

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Thanks again for reading the blog.



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